+ Pick a filter

The output of the first filter will be the input to the next filter in a stack.

All of the available filters are shown in categories. Use the search icon to find a particular filter in A-Z order.


Change the filter parms

  • Filters use various parameters to alter the output image. Some use sliders for values while others may have position points that can be moved.
  • Swipe left to the ‘More’ to add a new stack as the input to a parm. Complex effects can be built up with parent and child stacks of filters.
Swipe to ‘More’

Pick image inputs

Touch the filter and the info button to open the image picker.

Transition filters such as dissolve will use multiple images

Description long touch

A description of the purpose or action of a filter is displayed by a long touch on the filter name.

Save & Export

Filter stacks can be saved to your personal iCloud storage or exported to your personal Photos Library in .jpg format.

Sequences from the transition filters can be recorded using the Control Center ‘Screen Recording’ in a .mov file in Photos

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